Cameleon Colourblock Face Paint Palette – Wow Factor by Karen Huwen

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Cameleon Colourblock Face Paint Palette – Wow Factor by Karen Huwen

About the product

The Colourblock All Stars palette are Cameleon’s own version of splitcakes palettes. Each block is split into several different colours, which when applied with a flat brush can create truly wonderful designs. Colourblock’s are highly pigmented, resulting a vibrant colours with little effort. The paint is also a bit softer in consistency compared to other splitcakes, allowing for loading to be done more easily. Ideal for creating multiple designs from flowers and fairies, to princesses and creatures, the sky is the limited with what can be created with Cameleon Colourblocks. Colourblock Palettes give you 12 x 10g of Cameleon Colourblocks in a easy to carry palette. This palette has been specfically designed by Karen Huwen with an emphasis on neon Colours.

Colourblocks included in this palette are Rave Generation, Solero, Limelight Supernova, Summer Freeze, Forever Violet, Million Dollars, Aurora Borealis, Tropical Sunshine, Lilly Rose, After Dark, and Vitality.

About the brand

Cameleon Professional Body Paint is a Dutch brand of face paint that is of fantastic quality and at affordable prices. Cameleon paints offer strong, vibrant pigments that make any art work stand out. A very popular brand across the European market, Cameleon delivers as a brand for both professional and casual painters alike.

How often would I use it? – Constantly. This palette gives you all the essential colours for a huge variety of designs.

The Details

Size 12 x 10g

Application Small amount of water then applied with brush or sponge.

Removal Warm water and soap. If sensitive, use cream based make up remover and moisturizer.

Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 27 × 12 × 3 cm


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