Cameleon Base Line 45g – Strong Black

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Cameleon Base Line 45g – Strong Black

About the Product

Cameleon paints originate from the Netherlands and are of superb quality! Cameleon paints are highly pigmented resulting in true colour results. Like other acacia senegal gum based paints, Cameleon requires a little water to activate the paints. Typically a softer consistency than other paraffin wax based face paints, Cameleon paints are easy to load onto the brush, allowing for smooth consistent results. Strong Black is as the name suggests a solid black velvet colour, making it fantastic for detailing work and for Halloween Characters.

Popularity – 10/10

About The Brand

Cameleon Professional Body Paint is a Dutch brand of face paint that is of fantastic quality and at affordable prices. Cameleon paints offer strong, vibrant pigments that make any art work stand out. A very popular brand across the European market, Cameleon delivers as a brand for both professional and casual painters alike.





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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 4 cm


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